Frequently Asked Questions

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So I've bought Kogii, how does it work?

It's simple, download the Kogii app from the Android or iOS store. Turn on Kogii and pair it with your smartphone and complete the setup process. Then clip Kogii to your seatpost and ride! Anytime you turn on Kogii near your phone, communication will be automatic. Once Kogii is switched off, data about your ride is sent from your phone to us so we can learn about your ride and any dangerous encounters you might have had.

I'm a cyclist, how does Kogii benefit me?

Several ways! Kogii become brighter and holds a steady beam of light (like a car brake light) when it senses that you're braking. Drivers are programmed to respond to brake lights, Kogii aims to help drivers understand a cyclist's intentions by functioning in a predictable way drivers are familiar with. Kogii actively senses the environment and will increase or decrease the flashing rate depending on what it detects.

What data is collected to figure out what roads are dangerous?

It's important to know that data collected is totally anonymous. We collect proximity data, GPS data, motion data and timestamp data. All data is stored in a secure database. This is no different to the likes of Strava or any fitness tracking app, except the proximity and motion data we collect will be used in an innovative, never-seen-before way to learn about why accidents occur.

How can you tell what roads are dangerous and what aren't?

Kogii aims to learn about what 'normal' is for a road (in terms of how safe it is for a cyclist). We aim to identify roads where many cyclists come into very close proximity to cars, but to combine proximity data with motion data to establish black spots where there are regular near-misses or collisions.

What other stuff can Kogii do?

Kogii has a range of other features, including; auto brightening depending on ambient lighting conditions, auto-on/off, collision/near-miss detection.

How much does Kogii cost?

The final price to to be determined. Our current estimate is 75 euros.

How is Kogii powered?

Kogii is powered by a rechargable lithium cell battery.

Where can I get Kogii?

When available, you can get a Kogii light directly from this website and cycling retailers.

Is it rain resistant?

Kogii will be to be fully waterproof.

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