Improved Visibility

Kogii is a light. But it improves safety by responding and reacting to improve your visibility.

Light: Day & Night

Depending on ambient lighting conditions, the brightness of the light will change to maximise your visibility; brighter during the day, normal at night.

Variable Light

Kogii constantly monitors it's surroundings. When it detects vehicles, the light will dynamically flash to enchance visibility.

Active Braking

Kogii detects braking and illuminates like a car brake light to assist drivers in understanding what a cyclist intends on doing.

Making The Roads A Safer Place

Kogii monitors proximity and motion as you cycle. We use that data to analyse
and detect dangerous roads. Our goal is to improve road safety for everyone.

Contribute Together

Your data helps other cyclists.

Built with Android

Powerful, accessible and familiar.


Kogii handles everything for you.

Safety Map

Visualise your contributions.

We'd like to hear from you

Any questions? Send them our way.